• PyDX 2015

    A Community-Driven Python Workshop
    in Portland.

  • PyDX 2015

    Post-Ironic Artisanal Code
    from Local Farmers Programmers

  • PyDX 2015

    Small-Batch Gluten-free Vegan
    Workshops and Talks


Python PDX

- October 2015, Portland

A Pythonicly specific space focusing on ideas, projects, and best practices in need of more attention in an inclusive and welcoming environment.

Join your friends in the Cascadia Python community for two days of learning and connection. Meet new people and learn about the interesting Pythonic work being done around here. Make the Pacific Northwest an even better place to be a Python programmer.

We have a code of conduct!

Track One

Two days of talks and tutorials on Python, covering the ideas, tools, and projects that will take your programming skills to the next level.

Track Two

A guided tour to the world of Python, structured to get a new programmer up to speed on the language.

Track Five

Hallway Track: Literally being so excited about talking more with someone that you can’t wait to start discussing concepts and plans out in the hall?



  • Melissa Lewis

    Keynote Speaker

    Education Seminar

    Melissa has worked in data analysis and visualization at Periscopic, as a volunteer for Hack Oregon, and as a workshop instructor and co-organizer for PDX Dataviz. She is currently a member of the data engineering team at Simple and of PyLadies PDX!

  • Justin Abrahms

    Keynote Speaker

    Education Seminar

    Justin Abrahms is an entrepeneur and former Google engineer based in Portland, Oregon. He loves clean code, cycling and burritos. He runs BetterDiff, which helps you maintain a consistently clean code base.

  • And more!

    Full Speaker List and Schedule

    Education Seminar

    Check out the list of speakers, and download the full schedule!


Conference Will Be Held At

University of Oregon - Portland Campus

White Stag Block (UO Portland)
70 NW Couch St, Portland, OR 97209

Getting Here

Public Transportation

MAX has two stops near the UO in Portland White Stag Block:

Old Town/Chinatown (stop ID 8378), located at the intersection of NW 1st and Davis

Skidmore Fountain (stop ID 8379), intersection of NW 1st and Couch

Visit the TriMet website for a a map of MAX system


From I-5 going north, take the I-405 exit, EXIT 299B, on the left toward City Center/US-26 West/Beaverton. Take EXIT 1A on the left toward Naito Parkway and the Japanese-American Historical Plaza. Continue straight onto SW Harbor Drive. Turn right onto SW Naito Parkway. Turn left onto NW Couch Street.

From I-5 going south, take the OR-99E exit, EXIT 300B, toward OMSI/US-26 East/Oregon City. Take the ramp toward Morrison St. and City Center. Make a slight right onto the Morrison Bridge, and take the Front Avenue ramp toward I-5 South/Salem. Turn left onto SW Naito Parkway. Turn left onto NW Couch Street.


Bicycle racks are available in front of the main entrance, located on Couch Street.

Smart Park (NW Naito Parkway and Davis, entrance on NW Davis), City Center Parking (NW Naito Parkway and Davis, and NW 1st and Davis, entrance on NW Davis), or street parking.


Sponsorship is how we stay caffeinated

If you would like to sponsor, you can email sponsors@pydx.org. You can also download our prospectus.

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PyDX is a community-run conference

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Email: info@pydx.org

Twitter: @PyDXConf

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